New E-Series Batteries

ePropulsion adds lithium-iron-phosphate models to its battery line.
ePropulsion E-Series batteries
ePropulsion’s new E-Series batteries are ideal for smaller boats with limited interior stowage. Courtesy ePropulsion

New Jersey-based ePropulsion has launched several new E-Series lithium-iron-phosphate batteries.

The E60 and E163 will supplement the existing E80 and E175 batteries in the range, delivering up to 3,000 charging cycles for users.

These batteries, compared to lead-acid batteries, reportedly have three times as much energy density with 70 percent less weight. The company says they’re ideal for smaller boats with limited interior stowage.

“While capacity is an obvious focus of user-oriented innovation, making batteries easier to use is also vital to promoting adoption of electric propulsion,” Danny Tao, CEO of ePropulsion, stated in a press release. “ePropulsion electric outboard engines combined with the new batteries are the perfect solution for boaters looking to embrace quiet, clean and environmentally conscious propulsion.”

Do ePropulsion E-Series batteries work with ePropulsion electric motors? Yes. They’re designed to optimize those motors’ performance.

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